2022 Season is now open for registration!


It’s fast approaching football time again! We’re looking forward to fewer disruptions this year without the threat of lockdowns but there are some restrictions that we will need to operate under that have been passed down from New Zealand Football and Waibop. The full details are here (NZ Football Red Rules), but to summarise, coaches and managers are required to have valid vaccine passports and the same is true of players that are 12 years and 3 months or older.

We’re disappointed that we are being required to operate like this as it will inevitably exclude some of our community from taking part. We’ve been working in the background to find solutions to this and so we are joining up with Play On (https://playon.co.nz/) to offer those kids who are affected by the mandates a chance to play. You can register your interest for this by filling out the form at https://form.jotform.com/220547196201854. Play On is available for all kids, get in touch with one of the committee if you want more info on this. We are still optimistic that the restrictions will be taken off during or before the start of the season, and kids that become eligible to play will be given the opportunity to do so. There is also the possibility for our older kids to join the school teams so we will be working with them too.

There will also be limits on the number of spectators as we will need to limit gatherings to 25. The rules state there can be multiple gatherings so we believe we will be able to still have our match days as normal, we might just have to organize ourselves a bit more. We’ll issue more guidance on that in due course.

At the moment, these rules only apply to the red setting and we will update you once more guidance has been issued.

To register please use the correct age link below:

If your child has never played for any soccer club in New Zealand please sign up here.

Registration Closes

Registration will close on 13th March to give us time to register all the teams in time for the start of the season. Please note that we can’t guarantee a place for people who register late but we will put players on a waiting list.

Registration Fees

Fees are $55 for the First Kicks program and $65 for 7th grade and above.

These need to be paid during the online registration process with a credit card this year.  Please get in touch with us if you don’t have a credit card, or need extra time to pay the fees. We are keen to make sure every child that wants to play football can do so.

Registration Help

For a registration help guide please use this  link here.

For those who may still be having difficulty registering, please go here where  players / parents can submit a support ticket to get help.