Team Selection

Club policy is to keep teams together from year to year. Please note that this is not always possible because squad sizes increase as players get older and also because some older players leave to go schools in Hamilton. The committee will explore every option before breaking a team up but sometimes it is unavoidable.

It is also club policy to accept all players who enrol even if this means squads are over subscribed because there is no other club in our area. Children who move into the area during the season are also welcome to join at any time. Because of excessive late arrivals in 2019 we no longer guarantee places for anyone after the registration period closes.

Graded teams are optional for boys playing 9th grade and up and for girls playing U12 grade (turning 11 or 12 during the year) and up. There will only be trials where there are sufficient players in an age group to warrant having trials, ie 10th grade boys require a squad of 10 players so if 11 or more players wish to be graded the trial will go ahead. If there aren’t sufficient players to warrant having trials, players will go into teams in the usual way.

Trials will happen sometime between end of registration and team briefing day.

The club is open to discussion with coaches to get their views on players in general, but grading results will be the main factor for team selection with coach’s views only coming into play where we have a tie for that last spot in the squad. We feel this is the only way to keep the process fair and unbiased.

On grading day we will brief parents on the process and ask them to view from a distance – away from the playing area. Players will also be briefed on what we are looking for (ball skills, movement, reading the game and general team play in both defensive and attacking roles).  Players will be placed in small teams of 3-4 and play short games against each other while rotating their opposition every ten minutes. Grading will be assessed by 3-4 independent people with football backgrounds who have no connection to the players. The committee will select teams based solely on assessor’s rankings.

Graded teams will be named on team briefing day along with all other teams and while it is inevitable that some will be disappointed to miss out on selection we will endeavour to ensure everyone has an enjoyable season from that point onward.

We are always happy to discuss the results after the teams have been announced but will not consider changes in team selection as it would be unfair to those already named. However if a player decides they want to withdraw from the selected team (before the season starts) they will be able to do so – at which point the next player on the rankings list will be given the option of joining the team.

This sheet has been put together by the Club’s committee to help give a better understanding of the trialing process for coaches, parents and players before the end of each season. Trialing can then be discussed as a group and there will be a better understanding at the start of the season when players are asked whether they would like to tick the optional trialing box or not.­­­

If you have any questions please contact the club