Team Manager Guide:

The main role of the Team Manager is to relieve the Coach of as much of the organisational work as possible so that they can concentrate on coaching.  The Manager will also be the team’s main point of contact for the Club Committee.

Typical tasks for the Team Manager 

  1. Text/email parents with details of each match including time and venue, as well as arranging carpooling if the game is a long way away.  Likewise, contact parents with details of cancellations or relocations. The game schedule can be found at the Waibop website
  2. Text results and player of the day to the results secretary at 027 530 6536 by 1pm after each game.
  3. Phone parents to check on their whereabouts if they are late for a match.
  4. Let the committee know if any players leaves or joins the team during the season (so that the club can comply with competition regulations)
  5. Organise rosters for parents to wash the team jerseys or bring half time oranges each week.
  6. Ensure there are parents available to assist in putting out and taking down corner flags and goal nets on match day – so that the coach can focus on warming up the team.
  7. The gear-bag and kit-bag, containing balls, training bibs, first aid kits etc will remain the responsibility of the coach and manager.  Please contact the Committee if anything gets damaged or if you have any concerns.
  8. Every coach will have different needs but there are several tasks that can be performed by parents during the playing of a game that will help the coach out, including; subbing, time keeping and refereeing (if there is another parent who knows the rules).
  9. Making sure player of the day certificates are ready for the coach at the end of the game and keeping track of who has already received one is also helpful.

We hope this is a useful guide, if you have any suggestions for improving it please let the club know.