Parents Guide

In addition to the joy of driving your young footballer over the divvy on a wet  winter morning there are a number of other ways that parents and care-givers can contribute to the team and the club. 

  1. Arriving on time: It is important that players arrive at training and games on time and ready to play as it is very difficult to run a training session or warm up if players are turning up in dribs and drabs. Please let the manager know if your child will be unable to attend a training session or game.
  2. Code of Conduct: NZ Football has a published Code of Conduct covers everyone involved with the sport.  Below are some of the key points that parents be aware of:
  •           Play within the rules;
  •           Respect the referee;
  •           Respect the opposition and their supporters;
  •           Be gracious winners and dignified losers;
  •           Play hard but play fair

Full details of the Code can be found at​​​​​​​

  1. Help the Coach & Manager: Any assistance you can offer will be greatly appreciated.  This may involve helping with the setting up and taking down of nets and corner flags on game-day, or assisting the manager with the organisation of rosters.
  2. Criticism of Coaches: Please do not criticise your child’s coach to your child or other parents. If there is anything you are not happy about please raise the issue with the coach or manager.
  3. Be your child’s biggest fan: Support your child unconditionally; they should never have to perform to win your approval.  Children don’t mean to make mistakes and too much criticism will demoralise them and make them into cautious players, which will then slow their development as soccer players.
  4. Let the coaches coach: Please do not shout instructions during the game, this is the coaches job and multiple instructions will confuse the players.
  5. Do not bribe or offer incentives: If a child is enjoying their soccer there will be no need to provide external motivation. We especially ask parents to not offer rewards for scoring goals as it is detrimental to the development of team spirit.
  6. Performance: If your child has come off the field when their team has lost, but they have played their best, help them to see this as a “win”.
  7. Referees: NZ Football states that the referee’s decision is final. Occasionally they will make mistakes. We all do. If you abuse or shout at the referee you are breaking the rules of the game and risk causing problems for the club.
  8. Safety and Conflict Resolution Policy:  RFC has a policy document covering bullying, misbehaviour and also conflict resolution. This is available on our website.

We hope you find this document helpful, if you have any ideas for improving it please let us know.